About Us

K15 Global Oil and Gas Limited is established in Nigeria to carry on the business of sale, distribution and storage of Automotive Gas Oil (A.G.O), Premium Motor Spirit (P.M.S), Dual Purpose Kerosene (D.P.K), Liquified Petroleum Gas (L.P.G).

Our business model is to supply high quality products at competitive prices with fast delivery, quick customer response time and great customer service.

At K15 Global Oil and Gas Limited, our job is to mitigate the inconvenience often associated with sourcing, purchase and delivery of petroleum products like Automotive Gas Oil (A.G.O), Premium Motor Spirit (P.M.S), Dual Purpose Kerosene (D.P.K), Liquified Petroleum Gas (L.P.G).


To provide these products to our customers in a safe and reliable way.
We are a “one stop shop” for high quality petroleum products and pride ourselves on providing our customers with world class customer service, reliability and excellence.

We will always maintain a strong emphasis on our values of safety, service, efficiency, excellence and sustainability.

We believe that these values are especially significant because petroleum products are a need in various sectors of the economy rather than a want, therefore, the highest possible standards in our operations are essential


efficiency, responsiveness and innovation in sourcing and delivery;
gaining and retaining the trust of a growing number of customers;
breadth and depth in the provision of services to industry and other organisations;
competitive and sustainable pricing;

In addition, we believe that efficiency in operations, service of the highest possible standards for our customers, excellence in all aspects of our business activity and sustainability at the heart of our decision making will support our objective of being the number supplier of petroleum products in Nigeria.